Deterministic packet marking for maximum link price estimation

TitleDeterministic packet marking for maximum link price estimation
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsThommes, R. W., and M. J. Coates
Conference NameCanadian Workshop on Information Theory
Date Published06/2005
Conference LocationMontreal, QC, Canada

A recently proposed congestion control algorithm, MaxNet, achieves MaxMin fairness for a variety of utilization functions. MaxNet requires every source to have information about the price – a measure of congestion – of the most congested link in the path to the sink. In this paper we describe a deterministic packet-marking algorithm which onveys the maximum link price to the source. Our algorithm may be incorporated into MaxNet or any other congestion control scheme based on maximum link prices. The approach we describe achieves high efficiency while making as few changes as possible to the TCP/IP protocol suite. The algorithm makes use of the 2-bit ECN field in the IP header to allow routers to encode price information, and the 1-bit ECE field in the TCP header to allow the sink to communicate its maximum link price estimate back to the source.

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