A heuristic approach for performance analysis of ATM systems

TitleA heuristic approach for performance analysis of ATM systems
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsLiao, K. Q., and L. G. Mason
Conference NameGlobal Telecommunications Conference
Pagination1931 -1935
Date PublishedDec/1990
Conference LocationSan Diego, CA, USA
ISBN Number0-87942-632-2
Accession Number3985759
Keywordsasynchronous transfer mode, ATM systems, buffer content, fluid approximation, G/D/1 queue adjustment, heuristic approach, heuristic programming, infinite buffer, packet delay distributions, packet switching, performance analysis, queueing theory

For the design and control of ATM systems, it is important to have a performance model which produces reasonably accurate results over a wide range of parameters, since one major feature of ATM is that it can support many kinds of bursty traffic which have different communication speeds and time variations. We consider in this paper a heuristic approach which is based on the fluid approximation. In order to remove the possible inaccuracy of the fluid approximation in light to moderate traffic, we propose a G/D/l adjustment. The performance analysis predicts the buffer content and packet delay distributions which usually have stringent requirements. An infinite buffer is assumed in the analysis. However for ATM networks, where the buffer overflow probability is small, the infinite buffer model well approximates the finite buffer case. A number of numerical examples show that this heuristic approach is very accurate over a wide range of system parameters.

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