Fiberoptic circuit network design under reliability constraints

TitleFiberoptic circuit network design under reliability constraints
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsGavish, B., P. Trudeau, M. Dror, M. Gendreau, and L. G. Mason
JournalSelected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on
Start Page1181
Pagination1181 -1187
Date PublishedOct/1989
Keywordsbranch-and-bound procedure, computational complexity, computational results, fiber-optics networks, lower bounds, mathematical model, network design, network topology, optical communication, optical links, reliability, reliability constraints, upper bounds

The network design problem with reliability constraints is a problem where, given a finite set of nodes, the objective is a cost efficient selection of links and link capacities sufficient to satisfy the node-to-node traffic demands in normal and failed conditions. In this paper, we present a general mathematical model for this problem and a revised formulation which seems particularly appropriate for fiber optics networks. We also describe upper and lower hounding procedures
based on continuous relaxations of this modified formulation. Preliminary computational results are reported; they seem to indicate that the proposed bounds might prove suitable for a branch-and-bound approach of the problem.

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