Video-on-demand equipment allocation

Title Video-on-demand equipment allocation
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsThouin, F., D. Goodwill, and M. J. Coates
Conference NameIEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications
Date Published07/2006
Conference LocationBoston, MA

Video-on-demand (VoD) service providers are intensely interested in transport, storage, streaming and caching in content delivery networks. Today’s 5,000-hour library may grow toward the 750,000-hour “Long Tail” movie and TVseries catalog. We propose a method to calculate how much of a library should be cached. Much previous work focused on theoretical caching concepts, or the dynamics of cache filling and reclamation. Our method explicitly considers the impact of the available video server equipment; we present a VoD design tool comprising a novel cost function, hit ratio estimation and heuristic.

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