ChoPS - Chord Publish-Subscribe Data Transmission System

ChoPS - ChordTM base Publish-Subscribe System

  • A system designed to distribute indefinite sized data streams across a highly distributed network via TCP.
    • Optimized for use with video streams
    • Fully JavaTM socket based, cross-platform implementation
    • Provides Multicast-like environment with minimal system load and data-distribution time


  • Easy-to-Use interface, for all user levels with basic network knowledge.
  • It can even be used in embedded environments!


  • Contact Sean Lawlor @ slawlor AT for source code, and licensing information
  • User Guide and Full System Specification can be found below in the file attachments


Created by: Sean Lawlor & Patrick Diez, April 2011
Contact: slawlor AT


For more information on ChordTM, please see the MIT project page.


ChoPS User Guide.pdf522.27 KB
ChoPS System Specification.pdf200.76 KB