Resource Sharing for QoS in Agile All Photonic Networks

TitleResource Sharing for QoS in Agile All Photonic Networks
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsVinokurov, A., X. Liu, and L. G. Mason
Conference NameOPNETWORK
Date Published08/2005
Conference LocationWashington D.C.

This paper presents our simulation study of distributed scheduling methods for Agile All Photonic Networks using the OPNET Modeler. Both Optical Burst Switching (OBS) and Optical Time Division Multiplexing (OTDM) are studied.
We first describe the OPNET implementation of OBS and OTDM in the context of an Agile All Photonic Network. The technique of discrete event simulation in the OPNET Modeler allows for coordination between ingress/egress edge nodes and core node, where every device can transmit and receive simultaneously.
Based on the OTDM resource allocation schemes, we investigated the quality of service (QoS) using two DiffServ traffic classes namely, Expedited Forwarding (EF) and Best Effort (BE). Two classes of scheduling methods are proposed which are called statistical Slot by Slot and frame based deterministic allocation. Performances of these scheduling schemes are measured by their dropping rate, bandwidth utilization and queuing delay. It has been shown that with the statistical Slot by Slot scheme, the network resources are efficiently utilized and adaptively allocated to the two traffic classes while providing the requested quality of service. Simulation results are presented in various scenarios to illustrate the effects of different network sizes and traffic patterns.

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