Real-Time Distributed Computing: ChoPS

TitleReal-Time Distributed Computing: ChoPS
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsLawlor, S., P. Diez, and F. P. Ferrie
Conference NameCanadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
Series TitleCCECE
Date Published05/2012
Conference LocationMontreal, Quebec

Recently there has been an emergence of large, indefinite length data (video) streams as used in many computer vision problems. There is now a requirement to transmit these streams between remote locations where post-processing may occur and the results of this may be released to further remote locations for additional post-processing. Using two main networking theories, Chord and the Publish/Subscribe paradigm, ChoPS (Chord based Publish/Subscribe) was conceived. ChoPS uses a distributed hash table, notably Chord, which is demonstrated to have an average of O(log2 (n)) time in order to disseminate data to n hosts over a unicast network such as the Internet. ChoPS also implements the Publish/Subscribe paradigm, which is inherent in the anonymous video stream subscription application. Along with results demonstrating the efficiency of Chord when used for such data
distribution, a full system layout and specification is provided for an implementation of ChoPS.

Short TitleChoPS
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